Antibacterial ACP
Antibacterial ACP
Antibacterial ACP
  • Description
Antibacterial aluminum composite panel, a special type of aluminum composite panel is one of the ALUBANG’ patent product, it is a new-fashioned composite material with the quality aluminum alloy coated board as the surface plate, non-toxic low-density polyethylene for the core and advanced manufacturing techniques. Antibiotic paint which intergrades aesthetics, antibiosis and environmental protections, is applied on the surface layer. This product with an indoor color warranty of 10 years is the first choice of the medicinal, electron, foods and school and had been awarded as the high and new-tech products ALUBANG, and the key high and new-tech products of China.

Raw Material
Aluminum Material: High strength aluminum alloy sheet
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene
Surface Coating: Antibacterial coating
Bottom Coating: Anticorrosive primer coating
Characteristic of Antibacterial ACP
Hospital, Medicine Factory, Food Processing Industry and other relative area and inner decoration which the antibacterial requirement needed.

Standard (mm)

More Choice (mm)

Panel Thickness


2, 3, 5

Aluminum Thickness



Panel Width

1220, 1250

1270, 1500, 2000

Panel Length

2440, 3050


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