Anti-scratch ACP
Anti-scratch ACP
Anti-scratch ACP
  • Description
ALUBANG scratch-resistant series was born to meet the designer's special requirements for modern architecture. The anti-scratch series has two specifications, one is physical shape scratch resistance, that is, the special treatment of the roller in the coating process meets the molding requirements of the product; the other is the special treatment of the coating process, the process is scratch resistant the effect is closer to natural texture, with excellent weather ability and non-reproducibility! No matter which kind of anti-scratch product, it has the excellent characteristics of ordinary aluminum composite panel, giving more choices for architecture and design!

Raw Material
Aluminum Material: High strength aluminum alloy sheet
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene
Surface Coating: PVDF or HDPE coating
Bottom Coating: Anticorrosive primer coating

Characteristic of Anti-scratch ACP
1.Aesthetics and Excellent protection
2.Performance Hardness
3.No Fingerprint Residue

Standard (mm)

More Choice (mm)

Panel Thickness


2, 3, 5

Aluminum Thickness



Panel Width

1220, 1250

1270, 1500, 2000

Panel Length

2440, 3050


Product Catalog
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