Aluminum Solid Panel
Aluminum Solid Panel
Aluminum Solid Panel
Aluminum Solid Panel
Aluminum Solid Panel
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As a new type of building material, PVDF coated Solid Aluminum Panel is used to buildings of various style all around the world. It makes the buildings shinning, stylish and elegant. Solid Aluminum Panel is easy to be processed and it enriches processing and installation methods for curtain wall.
The base plate adopts the high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy plate whose thickness includes different specifications like 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm. It mainly consists of such parts as panel, strengthening rib and decoder. The maximum size of the finished work piece can reach 8000mm × 1800mm (L×W).
The fluorine-carbon Solid Aluminum Panel is available for many colors, which can meet different color requirements by modem buildings. It has many styles and strong decorative effects. It has a light deadweight and a high strength, easy and fast for installation and construction. It can protect from UV penetration effectively, thus improving the ageing resistance greatly; the main component of the fluorine-carbon polymer coating is KYNAR500 fluorocarbon resin which is durable and cohesive with the stable molecular structure, so all products going through the fluorocarbon spraying treatment are resistant to the adverse weather and the long-term erosion of wind, rain, industrial waste gas, acid rain and the like, and also free from discoloration, fading, flaking, bursting, chalking and so on with a service life exceeding 20 years; it's resistant to lighting strike, which can be used as a good conductor of electricity so that the huge current of lighting strike can be delivered to the underground rapidly through the building's earthling system; and it's environment-friendly with little pollution while it's difficult for pollutants to be attached on its surface, so it can keep polished for long and be easy for maintenance and cleaning.

Characteristics of Aluminum Solid Panel
1.Resistance to weather: solid Aluminum sheet possesses the superior durability, resistance to wear, resistance to UV radiation, resistance to oxidization and resistance to corrosion and withstands harsh environments.
2.Fireproofing: solid Aluminum sheet is excellent in fireproofing, possesses strong flame retardant and reaches the fireproofing standard Class A2.
3.Easy processing: solid Aluminum sheet is with high strength, light weight, Superior ductility and diversified shapes, capable of being processed into all kinds of complicated shapes like plane and cambered surface, fully adaptive to decoration and designable.
4.Light weight: solid Aluminum sheet is lightweight, with less deadweight burden, convenient for installation thus shorten the construction time.
5.Rich colors Rich colors can meet diversified design requirements of architects.
6.Resistance to soiling: Good resistance to soiling facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Standard (mm)

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Panel Thickness


2.0, 2.5, 4.0

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